The absence of pullorum-infected birds into the sublines without reddish-legged youngsters is definitely worth discussing

Probably, a man moms and dads of these specimens was in fact homozygous on gene W. In the twelve sublines off 20, where men parents was indeed heterozygous (Ww), hens which have pullorum condition had been recognized. Possibilities on population has been achieved from the recessive gene w (purple facial skin).

The brand new Banned-and-Speckled Leghorn is an egg-installing breed but it is a bit too heavier. The live lbs regarding 150-day-old pullets is actually step one.74 and therefore out-of mature hens are dos.0-dos.step one kg. New real time lbs away from dicks try dos.5 kg. Ages of readiness is 165 days. Yearly manufacturing was 220 egg averaging 58 g. Champ layers render 270-290 egg per year. Egg-shell are solution otherwise light; possibilities is being conducted to have solution colour. Fertility out of egg are 90-95% and you may hatchability 80%. Survival rates of your own young up to 150 days of age are 95%; in people it’s 87%.

The characteristic feature of the new population is an excellent carcass appearance. In this trait they are superior to all known breeds of coloured chickens which carry the dominant gene E. Barred-and-Speckled hens, when mated with cocks of the C1C2 male parental form from the cross Hysex white, produce three-line hybrid layers, which are as good as four-way hybrids.

Barred-and-Speckled Leghorns was bred to own increased egg design and also for consolidating function in the get across that have men adult outlines Tulsa area singles regarding Light Leghorns.

Black SPECKLED AUSTRALORP (Cherno-pestraya avstralorp)

An experimental population was created at the All-Union Research Institute of Farm Animal Breeding and Genetics by breeding inter se descendants of Black Australorps which had been injected intramuscularly with blood from Barred Plymouth Rocks. The total volume of components injected during 11 months amounted to 330-380 ml per bird. The 1962 experiment resulted in 1093 offspring (F1). Among them were birds in which the juvenile moult produced, instead of black, a partially or completely white plumage. The number of chickens (F1) with depigmentation in groups which received injections of the whole alien blood, plasma, and blood elements was 4 (2.2%), 2 (1.9%) and 1 (0.9%). The control group had no specimens with white plumage.

Mendelian investigation revealed that brand new white colour of the fresh plumage in chickens acquired within this experiment try influenced by the result from the brand new semi-dominating gene De- which have 40% penetrance in the heterozygotes (Dede). The term regarding depigmentation ranged greatly within the private birds.

Fresh chickens and displayed a considerable adaptation on down colour of the embryo. Along with black colored, that is typical to own Australorps, almost light try seen, with several transitions among them. Assuming that this really is good recessive profile, the newest mating regarding heterozygotes would be to give 25% from circumstances. The brand new deviation of seen number (7) on the commercially questioned (8-9) appeared as if perhaps not statistically high.

Birds with white embryo down had been bred inter se and you can entered with birds which have other down colour. For the 1973-74, more 5000 such as chicks have been hatched. Their decisive plumage is black which have a small depigmentation. It absolutely was confirmed one white colour of the fresh new embryo off is inherited because the a great recessive reputation regarding black and that it is subject to the fresh new autosomal gene sp (spot). New gene sp prevents melanin synthesis inside the homozygotes not only in various years of your plumage, in addition to regarding the shanks. This advances significantly the look of Black Speckled Australorp carcasses (dede spsp), compared to modern breed – Black colored Australorps (dede SpSp).

A couple of F5 women chickens produced 33 chicks seven (21%) from which was in fact white with a small black-spot to your back

Subsequent reproduction is actually conducted with this specific category and elevating away from birds holding the new De- allele was discontinued. Wild birds that have white decisive plumage (DeDe SpSp) had sight defects accompanied by the signs of exophthalmos and you will anexophthalmos.

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